MedHunt is a full text true search engine like Alta Vista, HotBot or Lycos (which are general search engines) but MedHunt is only dedicated to the medical/health domain. More than only a search engine MedHunt is also a Web directory and a guide with a catalogue created manually by visiting, describing and grouping Web sites into 4 categories by the Health On the Net Team.


VeriSign is one of the principal certifications concerning SSL (Secure Socket Layer) used to protect e-commerce web sites cryptographic and authentication system. Used by Companies and Banking Concerns, VeriSign guarantees to user safeness in transactions.

Geo Trust

Geo Trust is the second provider in the world about digital certifications and also leader in security and authentication service’s fields. It assures reliability about the economic transactions made on this website.

SB Italia

SB Italia obtained Privacy guaranty’s certification confirming that information’s transactions can be made in safeness and without any frauds.


ZertES Qualified Certification Services Provider guarantee the authenticity (authorship) and the completeness of information, by referring the same value to both manual and digital signature.


It guarantee the confidentiality about those information which pass from SalusBank web server to users’ browser, thanks to a complex cryptographic system.