What is SalusBank ?

SalusBank is a databank container which collects all personal and developed subscriptions to specific users tailored as needed: SalusMe, SalusBaby, SalusWoman, SalusSport, SalusSenior, SalusPets and SalusDent, SalusSpa.

How does it work?

- Choose between different types of subscriptions based on your needs and on your personal clinical history and get a card with a pre-paid code by our reseller. - Register online through the web portal by inserting your pre-paid code. - Proceed by completing your data and by storing your documents inside your personal account SalusBank. Once stored, the data can be updated and consulted anytime.
- After having accurately arranged all the information in your personal medical folder, you can also print directly from your PC the SB Card, containing unique alphanumeric code personal and reserved to you. With that code in case of emergency you can give your clinical information that can save your life. You can also personalize your card by adding two items that you consider a choice of vital importance for your health.

You can also get exams direct in your inbox and store them in the folder you prefer. It is also available the app for smartphones (IOS and Android) and you can store documents in your personal account folders in few seconds.

Up until that moment, also in case of emergency, you can have your personal medical data always available just inserting your user and password on the website

Why should I join?

Each year there are at least 100,000 emergency admissions. One person out of ten receives treatment for wrong or insufficient medical information on the patient. .

By joining SalusBank you have the guarantee that your clinical data will immediately be brought to the attention of the medical staff and therefore they will do what is best for saving your life.

If you keep it constantly updated, SalusBank will work also as your personal assistant and will be your historical memory. If you will add data in your agenda, it will remind you - through email or sms - about your meetings and daily tasks.

Is my medical information kept private?

Yes, SalusBank takes care of the privacy of its members and of the confidentiality of personal data collected within the health database.

Trust and confidence are among the reasons why our members identify themselves in a confidential and high quality service.

How can I store my clinical information?

SalusBank allows you to have access to your data in a very simple way in real time and to update your information every time you need it.

Data can be entered manually and also through the scanner to turn paper documents into images.

You can also download the app (IOS and Android) and upload documents after scanning with your smartphone. Few seconds and your documents is visible in you folder list inside your personal account.

Do I have the assurance that my clinical information are correct?

SalusBank doesn't check or evaluate the personal information entered by the user in the reserved area, therefore does not assume any responsibility and provides no guarantee regarding completeness, accuracy and updating of the data.

It will be sole responsibility of the user to ensure that all information entered by him personally are correct.

When can I enter my data?

You register first, then by entering Email and Password you decided during registration, you will have access to the system and be able to enter/edit data each time you need it.

Am I sure my data is included in my personal folder?

The identification codes are personally decided and generated by the user. They will automatically assigned by the Security System for user identification using appropriate procedures to ensure integrity and privacy.

Each time the user has access using these codes, the Identification System will provide access exclusively to his personal folder.

How do I get the SalusCard?

Each user inside his account has the opportunity to print the personal emergency card with emergency code that gives access at vital data to emergency staff. Before to print the SalusCard, user is able to add two information really important for saving his/her life.